STCA Gayrimenkul Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Aydın Aslandağ, was the guest of the September issue of İnşaat Dünyası magazine, which continues its publication life as Turkey's International Investment, Project and Contracting Magazine. Here is the full text of the interview; Could you tell us about your Kartallife Atalar project? As STCA Gayrimenkul, we are bringing a new breath to Kartal with the family concept project Kartallife Atalar, which is an exemplary urban transformation project.

As STCA Gayrimenkul, which we established by Aslandağ Group by bringing our nearly 30 years of experience in the building materials sector to the construction sector, we are creating the most different project of Kartal with the island-based urban transformation project Kartallife Atalar; We also reflected the latest developments in construction technology into the project. The 24-storey project offers both the long-awaited neighborhood life and all the privileges of site life together. Kartal has become the most prestigious district of the Anatolian Side with its seafront location, views of the Islands, green areas, close to all means of transportation such as metro, sea bus, Izmit Bridge, Bagdat Street, E-5 lines, accessibility to everywhere, wide and quiet streets. A luxury boutique housing project that continues to rise in Atalar, the apple of the eye of Turkey. Kartallife Atalar draws attention with both its fine workmanship and qualified materials. We wanted to build a project that would leave a mark on Kartal. That's why we prefer the highest quality construction materials in the industry. For example; Since our project has 24 floors and is one of the tallest buildings in its location, we preferred the highest quality and fastest elevators. We also use our own brand, Artella, with special materials and designs, for all interior and exterior doors.

While we continue our work by showing a great deal of fine workmanship in our project with our approach that never compromises on quality; When choosing materials, we pay attention to quality, solid, durable and environmentally friendly. Kartallife also offers a beautiful view.

This is an island of 4000 m² with roads on 4 sides. There used to be 6 low-rise apartment buildings here. By demolishing them, we obtained 4000 m² of land. Here we are building an 800 m² residential building. We have green space in the remaining 3200 m² in total. That is equivalent to 80%. Our building is a 23-storey building with ground floor plus. We have a basement on 3 floors for indoor parking. In total, it is a 27-storey building. The architectural structure of the building has been arranged in such a way that after the 9th floor, not only the living room but also everywhere, including the rooms, have views of the sea and the islands. One side can see up to the Historical Peninsula from Kadıköy, and the other side can see up to Gemlik from Kartal-Pendik side when the weather is clear.

Kartal is quite lucky in terms of scenery. In our project, there are only 24 units of 2+1 on the bottom 4 floors. All our remaining flats are 3+1. We did not include 1+1 and 1+0 because we wanted it to be a completely family concept. We wanted to stay true to the neighborhood culture. The quality of the products we use is quite high. STCA Gayrimenkul is a company that has made a name for itself in this region. People trust our company. WE WILL NOT LEAVE KARTAL WITHOUT MAKING 10 PROJECTS. Are your projects generally in this location? Yes. There is a project we have completed on the corner of the street. We are also working on new projects in this region. We do not plan to leave Kartal without completing 10 projects.

Why Kartal?

Kartal is a special region in terms of transportation. The coastal road, sea transportation, minibus route and Marmaray line are very close to the region. We are talking about a location where E-5 and metro, 10 km away from Sabiha Gökçen, 2nd and 3rd Bridge connections are very easy when you go up 1.5 km. You can also reach Bursa in approximately 50-55 minutes by using the Osmangazi Bridge. Frankly, Kartal is now a very attractive region in terms of transportation. The settlement is more orderly than other regions. Because it was a settlement where there were housing estates in the past. Currently, those sites are transforming and we can create regions on an island basis, which is an advantage for us. Kartallife Atalar is also an island-based project. When you add all these together, Kartal becomes an attractive region for us.

Frankly, you should enjoy doing a job. We receive many offers from the Kadıköy region for conversion, but we do not want to enter Kadıköy because there is chaos there, it is very difficult to do business. Inevitably, while doing business, you create a negative impact on the environment and people and receive reactions. This negatively affects you while you are doing the job. In Kartal, people are not affected by the construction due to the existence of order, but this is not the case in Kadıköy. The quality of life there has now decreased. What are your prices in m²? The price of a sea view flat of approximately 169 m² (gross) is around 950 thousand TL. Our prices are quite reasonable considering the region and our quality. Today, you can also buy a small 2+1, 86m² flat from our projects. Do you also have campaigns and suitable payment terms? We have a campaign right now. We can make interest-free sales within the company for up to 60 months. We get 25% in advance and we can divide the rest over 60 months. Apart from that, we can provide bank loans for up to 120 months with an interest rate of 0.95.

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